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Southern Rocklobster Limited (SRL) would like to welcome all our stakeholders and those who take an interest in the fishery to our website. As SRL's key stakeholders are producers of what is arguably the finest seafood in the world, Australian Southern Rock Lobster (Jasus edwardsii), our organisation has an important responsibility in promoting the ‘good news story' of a sustainable, professional and vibrant fishery. It is a fishery that contributes significantly to the economies of rural coastal communities in South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria and generates important export income for our nation. 

Role of SRL

The SRL's core activities are based on the organisation's project agreement with FRDC for the Southern Rock Lobster National Research Development & Extension (R D & E) Planning and Management. This project agreement builds on the Industry Partnership Agreement (IPA) that sets out the arrangements for the implementation of a Southern Rock Lobster R D & E Program. 

The industry partnership that is SRL is unique in the Australian seafood industry and brings together producers of southern rock lobster across Australia to pursue the common goal of a sustainable fishery that produces the world's finest rock lobster. The R, D & E investment strategy outlined in the Strategic Plan, 2011-2016 is a key element in supporting that common goal.

SRL is pleased to acknowledge the financial support received from the Federal Government through our Government partners. The Fisheries Research and Development Corporation and the Seafood Cooperative Research Centre have been, and continue to be key supporters of both the rock lobster industry and the R, D & E strategy outlined in the strategic document

Clean Green Program

SRL owns and co-ordinates the delivery of the Clean Green program which is the industry's vehicle to train and maintain industry operations at world's best practice standards. When introduced it was and still is to the best of SRL's knowledge the only third party accredited and audited seafood product standard of its type in the world. The program demonstrates that the industry is organised and committed enough to address its responsibilities and interests through an industry managed and independently audited, standards-based program. To find out more about the Clean Green Program click onto that section on the menu bar at the top of this page. 

Interesting facts about Southern Rock Lobster

The Southern Rock Lobster is an amazing marine animal that supports a very successful commercial fishery in South East Australia that is critically important to creating jobs and income for rural coastal communities.  There is a total supply chain industry based on this species that generates significant export income for Australia – read all the facts  

Industry Drawing the Line

Drawing The Line is a revealing tale about Australia's oceans and the men and women who depend upon it for their livelihood. The ocean is a fickle mistress, friend one day, foe the next, but the Australian Fishing Industry faces a threat that is far greater than any they immediately face at sea. The full version of the Documentary can be watched here.

South Australian Rock Lobster Advisory Council (SARLAC) Executive Officer, Justin Phillips, said the industry was pleased to be involved in the much-anticipated documentary, Drawing The Line, which features interviews with fishermen from some of the most remote locations along the State's coastline.
"Drawing The Line will tell an objective story about marine parks and demonstrates that it's possible to deliver effective protection for the marine environment by dealing with real threats without unnecessarily excluding highly sustainable fisheries that support regional families and communities for political reasons," Mr Phillips said.

South Australia's multi-million dollar rock lobster industry contributed to the Drawing the Line documentary bringing a fishermen's perspective to the political decision to implement the world's largest network of marine reserves in Australian waters. A shorter version of SARLAC's ‘Drawing The Line' trailer (4:49) can be found here.

Featured Recipe

There’s a world of difference when it comes to Australian Southern Rocklobster, caught in the pristine wilderness of the Southern Ocean off Southern Australia so epicureans all around the world can enjoy this exquisitely fresh, ultra pure ocean jewel.

This rugged Southern Ocean is amongst the cleanest and coldest in the world, its vast waters running between ‘Clean and Green’ Australia and the pristine wonderland of Antarctica.

With most of the catch being exported live, stringent regulations are followed and extreme care is taken when catching and handling the rocklobsters so they arrive at their destination in peak condition. It is a fine art, and Australian fishers are true masters.

Truffled Rocklobster Ravioli with Passionfruit Caviar - click on the image to go to the recipe
Truffled Rocklobster Ravioli with Passionfruit Caviar - click on the image to go to the recipe
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